How to find mobile number owner name, address and location details

Updated by findandtrace on 27-Apr-2020

I intend to write this article after getting so many request from people to expose the name of the mobile phone users and their personal details.
We come across many websites to trace the mobile number location in the world, each site has unique marketing technique, but sharing the name of the person or their personal details is always against their privacy and law. Moreover each one of us should respect the privacy of others and behave accordingly. That's the reason, there is no Mobile phone directory published officially anywhere in the world!

But we may notice that, few websites and Apps expose the name of the mobile phone users and make huge money out of it. We may have to handle such websites very carefully, because during the process of sign up, they are connecting to your phone book, contact list, facebook contacts, G+ Account and steal all the phone number information you have saved. During the process, your name and contact numbers also will be shared in public like others. That's the way, all these sites are running websites and makes reasonable money out of the this business. Be aware of them and don't share your Contact list and get into more trouble.( Examples of such websites / app : Truecaller) But here in findandtrace, its always legal and hurdle free to locate the mobile phone number in the world, because we never share any individual name of the phone caller in public domain. Each one our privacy is respected and dealt with extreme confidential. When you get missed call or seeking caller location , always you have option to come here and seek the tentative location details!

Always you can find the name of the phone caller for the fixed lines along with address details in the authorized websites like BSNL / MTNL, They share these information officially with out any trouble. Apart from that, they release the directory based on the locality and region. But Private telecom companies don't provide such directory for public use, but commercial websites like sulekha / just dial collect all business information and publish with their concern.

Please follow the below guidelines while trying to know the name of the caller,

  • Please Don't Pay any money for getting the name and address information
  • Please avoid using Apps, which steals the contact list and sell it to advertisement companies
  • Please don't write / paste your mobile number in the public domain / websites / forum while seeking for other numbers
  • Avoid third party agencies and Intermediate people to trace such people. Always use legal way and approach Police / Telecom authorities

Then how can i handle the unwanted calls / find the name and address of mobile number?

If you are getting unwanted calls from particular number, always you have option to block or take some action. ( Please refer our another blog ) Or if you have valid reason to seek the name of the person, please approach network service provider and police department.
If you need any further details / location / address due to extreme situation, please free to write to us. We will try to help you with the available resources and guide you the best practices to get the individual information. Most of the times knowing the name of the caller won't help completely, we tend to know the caller exact location for further action, during such time its always legal to approach concerned authorities.

*Trace Mobile Number Thanks for your understanding !