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India is one of the largest Telephone network in the world, having billions of customers.
It is essential for all of us to have the STD code phone directory to track the incoming or to make out station calls.! gives you simple option to find STD code for any city / state in India, by just typing one word in search box. !
Also you can view STD code by state / district / city by just clicking the given names or links. ! is the largest STD code data bank covers all STD codes with latest information for all Indian cities.!

The Land line / Fixed phone service is provided by following companies in India

  • BSNL
  • MTNL
  • MTS
  • HFCL
There are no other easy method to get your Area / STD code in any website, its very easy and simple here. Just type three characters of the locality / main city name, You will get the complete list of area, STD code, District information, etc.
If you couldn't find any STD codes or irrelevant data, please free to write to us. Findandtrace STD code finder is trusted by thousand of people across India.

To find the City name for the respective STD code, please click the below link
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Few examples of finding the city name for the any std code in India
City name for STD code 1866
City name for STD code 7165
City name for STD code 431